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Creditis Servizi finanziari
Our Mission, Our Vision

Creditis creates value for a positive impact on the economy

Creditis is engaged to giving concrete support to people and families through services and products created specifically for every need and requirement; our effort is aimed at the creation of value for the entire national territory with a positive impact on the economy.

Our goal is to be a reference operator and a source of inspiration in consumer credit for all people who want to grow with us.

The values that set us apart

Financial Transparency

Comprehensive information and always clear conditions underlie our corporate philosophy and guarantee the serenity of our customers.


Smart procedures and our professional consultants allow us to provide immediate answers to our clients’ requests.

Human relationship

Dialogue is the basis of our relationship with the Customers. Our personal consultants listen to the Client’s needs, build together a tailor-made solution and advise Clients anytime and anywhere, throughout the duration of the loan.


We improve the quality of our clients’ life every day with innovative, secure and advanced financial solutions designed on the customers’ purchasing needs.

Environmental sustainability

We encourage economic development while respecting the territory and environmental sustainability; we concretely support the “Green” culture and the preservation of the territory by offering a range of financial products for sustainable and environmental purposes.

Creditis Servizi Finanziari S.p.A.

Creditis: recent history

Creditis was established on 28 September 2006 as a captive company of the Banca Carige Group, focusing its business on granting personal loans to the Bank’s customers.

At the end of 2017 Banca Carige Group, in order to strengthen the assets and rationalize its business, has approved the sale of its majority stake in Creditis (80.1%) to the Chenavari Credit Partners LLP Fund. On 26 March 2019 the Chenavari Investments Managers fund completed the closing of the acquisition of Creditis Servizi finanziari S.p.a. from Banca Carige.


Founded in 2008, Chenavari Credit Partners LLP is a London-based company specialized in structured finance and the European credit market. The company has more than 100 employees, including over 40 managers with an average of 17 years of experience. Chenavari’s assets under management amount to approximately $5.1 billion. Within the commercial credit markets, Chenavari is active in the following segments: corporate credit, financial services, index-based derivatives and asset-backed securities issues.
Creditis Servizi Finanziari S.p.A. is a financial intermediary registered in the “Albo unico degli intermediari finanziari” pursuant to Article 106 of the TUB (Testo unico bancario), in the “Albo degli istituti di pagamento” pursuant to Article 114-septies of the TUB (Testo unico bancario). Creditis Servizi Finanziari S.p.A., an Assofin member, is supervised by Bank of Italy.

Creditis Trademark

Tradition and Innovation: a brand oriented toward the future