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Valea Credit Card

Valea is an easy to use credit card customizable to your needs.

Valea is a revolving credit card. You can use Valea for your daily purchases and cash withdrawals within your credit limit and choose your favorite level of repayment.


Thanks to the Cashback Government Program, you can receive a 10% cashback anytime you pay with Valea Card in offline shops until the 31st of December 2021. And thanks to Super Cashback, you can receive up to 3.000 euros back!


Cashback up to 10% of the spent amount(s), with a maximum cashback of 15 euros for each transaction and up to 150 euros per semester, for a total of 300 euros per year with at least 50 payments per semester. Online purchases are not counted.

Super Cashback

 Until the 31st of December 2021, the first 100.000 users with the highest number of purchases per semester will receive an extra bonus of 1.500 euros, up to a maximum of 3.000 euros per year.

How to join

Joining the cashback program is free and voluntary. If you are 18 years old or older and you have permanent residence in Italy, you can subscribe via the App “IO”, the Public Administration App.

How it works:

1 • Initial credit limit

After the approval, you’ll have at your disposal your full credit limit (i.e. the maximum amount of credit available on the card).

2 • Purchase

With every purchases or cash withdrawals, the current credit available on your card will decrease of the corresponding amount.

3 • Monthly repayments

The credit available will be recharged monthly by your repayments

Salvadanaio sempre disponibile

With Carta Valea, you always have an overdraft facility at your disposal for your purchases.

A credit line, always available, that is automatically recharged with your repayments

A credit card for your purchases, anytime, anywhere and up to 5000 euros

Functional, safe and full of advantages

You can use your Valea card in all point-of-sales and ATM displaying the Visa circuit mark

No Annual fee

No administration fees

No Issuing Commissions

No Fuel Purchase Commissions

No Currency transaction fees

  • Maximum flexibility: you may choose the most suitable monthly repayment and change it whenever you want.
  • The purchases have maximum security guaranteed
Valea Credit Card