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Mysura Personal Loan

A personal loan built for you, together with you, with 9 different purposes

Mysura personal loan allows you to choose the best financial solution to truly fulfill your projects. Whereas you want to buy a house, or a new car – even an electric one -, whereas you want to finance your studies or your loved ones’ healthcare expenses, with Mysura you will be able to design the loan around you. Just like a tailor would do with a perfectly matching suit.

To begin, choose the solution that best suits you among our range of financial products – Standard and Green 

Furhermore, remember that whatever the purpose of your loan, you will be able to protect your loved ones and yourself thanks to our insurance policies, which will meet any of your needs.

Personal Loan
Standard Range

Mysura Car and Motorbike

Your dream car or motorbike? Are you looking for the boat you have always wanted or the caravan for your family trips? With our personal loan you will be able to pay them back in monthly installments.
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Mysura Real Estate

With our solutions you will be able to buy a house or to restructure it, or even to buy a land. Find out how to realise your projects.
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Mysura Wellbeing

For your healthcare expenses but also to help you find physical and mental wellbeing thanks to beauty or thermal treatments. Start again from yourselves.
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Mysura Reformulate

Join your smaller debts in a whole loan with a lighter installment.
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Mysura Education

Build your future or safeguard your loved ones’. Face with comfort maintenances and tuition fees associated to education.
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Personal Loan General Projects

Mysura General Projects is the quick and safe loan dedicated to your liquidity necessities.
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Personal Loan
Green Range

Mysura Green Car

Are you thinking of buying an e-car or a hybrid one to save on gas and to safeguard the environment? We are at your side with dedicated loans.
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Mysura Green Mobility

The tailor-made personal loan for your new e-bike or e-scooter to go to work or to enjoy your free time.
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Mysura Green Real Estate

A great chance to restructure your house or to improve its energy rating, contributing first-hand to safeguarding the environment.
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