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Personal Loans, Salary & Pension-Backed Loans, Credit Cards:
tailor-made solutions for you

The focus
of our interests:
The Customer

Discover Creditis product range,
designed for your financial needs

The focus
of our interests:
The Customer

Discover Creditis product range,
designed for your financial needs

The innovative personal loan

Every loan is designed together with you

Creditis finances every dream, project or need you may have. Find out today what solution fits best for you and your Family: we listen to your needs. Go to our page.

A mind-free loan

Quick, easy and repayable in the most comfortable way

Discover our tailor-made loans for public employees, as well as for corporate employees and pensioners. Easy and repayable mind-free. Go to our page.

Our revolving credit card

Functional, Safe and Full of Advantages

A credit line available anytime, anywhere, for your projects and expenses: find out today what solution fits you best. Go to our page.

Reliable financial solutions, with maximum flexibility and transparency

Every loan is designed hand in hand with the customer, understanding his or her need first and proposing the most adequate financial solution then

Creditis Servizi Finanziari S.p.A. is an Italian financial firm which delivers credit, with maximum transparency, through different product lines:

Since its creation, Creditis has been a family-oriented firm. Creditis value proposition is not to offer simple loans, but personalized solutions to realize minor and major projects for its customers at the utmost comfort.

Your personal consultant will take care of everything

A reliable consultant will offer you constant support throughout time

In addition to the different financial solutions, Creditis can also offer you reliable professional support of our financial consultants. Your consultant will follow you step by step in order to guarantee you the utmost comfort in your future purchases and in maintaining your financial balance.

Your ideas, our services:
nothing is impossible, TOGETHER!